Wilde-Pedique Silver Plus- Toenail Reconstruction in Ashford

Wilde-Pedique Silver Plus is a Acrylester Resin which is a high-grade plastic which is extremely flexible, developed specifically for toe nail reconstruction this anti-mycotic light curing resin is designed by Light Concept Nails (LCN).

This is a non-porous resin so water cannot penetrate the nail helping aid fungal nails to heal and prevent further spread of the infection, it also contains Piroctone Olamine which is a slow release anti-fungal agent and Colloidal micro silver which has well known healing properties.

The toenail reconstruction will be flexible and moves with your natural nail and if you have weak damaged toenails Wilde-Pedique gives your nails time to repair and grows out naturally.

Gel polish can be applied after toe nail reconstruction if desired

Perfect for correcting:

  • Fungal
  • Damaged/Bruised
  • Missing Toenail
  • Mis-shapen
  • Dis-coloured
  • Subungual corns
  • Onychauxis (thickening of the nail)

Per Nail from £45
Full set £90
(on top of a routine appointment fee £39)


Nail Reconstruction

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Nail Colours

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If you suffer with any of these conditions and require assistance with them, please contact the clinic:

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