Fungal Nail Treatment in Ashford

Fungal Nail Treatments

Here at Easy Feet Podiatry, we will assess your health, medical history, nail status and take a sample of your nail for culturing using our 'In House' fungal nail testing kit which is 97% accurate and gives us a result within 5 minutes! Our 'In House' fungal nail testing incurs a fee of £40.00.

You and your podiatrist will discuss the treatment options and find the most effective/suitable treatment for your nails.

These include;


Treatment Options:

Topical Ointments

Topical ointments/treatments such as polishes and lacquers can be used if you suspect you have a fungal nail. These can be prescribed by your GP or purchased over the counter at your local pharmacist. You can also seek advice from your local Podiatrist.


Fenestration is the treatment of fungal nail by drilling micro holes into the nail plate and administering an anti-fungal spray to the nail daily. The micro holes allow the anti-fungal properties to reach all parts of the nail and nail bed.

Prices start from £70.00 - see fees page for more information

Nail Surgery

Nail surgery might be suitable for some individuals and would include a total removal of the nail, then allowing the nail to regrow whilst treating the nail and skin with an anti-fungal spray. This treatment is only usually carried out when other treatment options have failed, or the fungus has reached the very back of the nail, where the nail grows from (known as the nail matrix).

Prices start from £300.00 - see fees page for more information

Oral Medication

When we have exhausted all treatment options; and the fungus is still not clearing, you may be eligible for oral medication to clear the fungal nail infection. This medication can only be prescribed via your GP as liver function tests must be carried out alongside this treatment.


If you suffer with any of these conditions and require assistance with them, please contact the clinic:

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