Toenail Surgery in Ashford

What is Toenail Surgery?

Toenail surgery is a routine minor procedure for the removal of an in-growing, pincer or thickened fungal nail under Local Anaesthetic by a fully qualified and HCPC registered podiatrist. We can also provide a topical skin-freezing spray to the anaesthetic injection site for those nervous about the injection.

Toenail surgery is a low-risk procedure carried out within the clinics based in Ashford and Faversham, this means there is no need to attend the hospital!

Here at Easy Feet Podiatry, we provide Toenail Surgery as a package treatment- please see the fees page for further information

For in-growing toenails, the offending part of the nail will be removed, and a chemical will be applied to prevent the offending part of the nail from regrowing. The whole nail may be removed if this is deemed necessary.

For thickened fungal toenails, the whole toenail will be removed. No chemical will be applied as the nail is encouraged to regrow. Whilst the nail is regrowing, we treat the nail and skin with an anti-fungal spray.


Are there any risks?

  • Re-growth: Occasionally the removed in-growing section of nail may regrow and need surgery to be removed again. This occurs in less than five in every 100 cases.
  • Infection: Infection of the site during healing may occur, as with any operation. Occasionally, antibiotics may be required, these can be prescribed by your GP or sold to you by your HCPC registered Podiatrist.
  • Pain: It is normal to have some mild pain or soreness once the anaesthetic has worn off. This can be combatted with pain relief medication. It is unusual for this to be severe or to last longer than 24 hours.
  • Very rarely: In some extremely rare cases, temporary or permanent painful nerve damage could occur, or you could have a severe allergic reaction to the local anaesthetic.

Are there any alternative treatment options?

Here at Easy Feet Podiatry, we now offer a new, innovative alternative treatment to in-growing Toenail Surgery called Onyfix Nail Correction Treatment.

Routine treatment by a podiatrist, such as cutting back the corner of the nail or following our self-care advice, may also help in the short term, but is unlikely to provide permanent resolution if the problem has been recurrent or longstanding.



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