In-growing Toenails

In-growing toenails: What are they, what causes them and how are they treated?

An in-growing toenail is a nail that pierces the skin of the toe. This can cause extreme pain and inflammation.

In severe cases, it can be weeping and bleeding due to infection being present.

In-growing toenails most commonly affect the big toenail but can affect the other toes too.

Whereas a nail that is curling (involuted or convoluted) into the flesh, but isn’t actually piercing the skin, isn't an ingrowing toenail but can feel very painful and also appear red and inflamed as well.

There are many factors that can make you prone to ingrowing toenails including your posture (the way you stand), your gait (the way you walk) and any foot deformity such as a bunion, hammer toes or excessive pronation of the feet (when your foot rolls inward excessively) as well as the footwear you choose to wear and incorrect cutting of you toenails. Your nails may also have a natural tendency to splay or curl out instead of growing straight, encouraging your nail to grow outwards or inwards into the skin.

For treatments of In-growing/involuted toenails, see the Toenail Surgery or Onyfix page for more information.

For less severe cases of in-growing toenails, conservative treatment may be suitable, such as cutting out the section or spike that is digging into the skin and massage of the area.


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