Fungal Skin and Nails

What causes fungal infections?

Fungal infections of the feet are very common, contagious and can take a while to eradicate.

The skin between the toes (most commonly the 4th and 5th toes) may become sweaty, cracked, sore, very itchy and often smelly this indicates athlete’s foot.

The nails themselves can also become thick and discoloured (yellow or brown in colour), the end of the nail may start to crack or crumble. This indicates a fungal infection of the nail.

You’re not alone! Toenail fungus affects 8-10% of all adults, a percentage which increases with age. People with diabetes and weakened immune systems are more susceptible than others.


What causes fungal skin and nails?

Yeasts and moulds combine with dampness to cause toenail fungus.

Wearing tight-fitting shoes or not letting feet and footwear dry out gives the fungus a place to grow. Other risk factors include diabetes, a compromised immune system, or an abnormal PH skin level.

The likelihood of fungal toenails increases with age due to reduced blood circulation, and more risk of exposure. Toenail fungus causes yellowing, thickening or crumbling of nails. Although the fungus usually infects toenails, in some cases fingernails can be infected too.

Some patients see nail colour changes which can vary from brown or yellow to black or green. The fungus can also lead to streaks or spots down the side of the nail which may result in the loss of the nail.​


What can I do to treat it?

As a qualified podiatrist, there are a variety of treatments I am able to provide for fungal skin and toenails. The suitability for each treatment depends on your background, lifestyle and medical history so a thorough consultation would need to be performed before creating a treatment plan.

Please see the Fungal Toenail Treatment page to see more information.


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