Corns, Callus and Cracked Heels


Corns are similar to callus; however, they are a thickened, cone-shaped buildup of hard skin that protrudes into the foot. They can become very painful and sometimes lead to further complications if not treated.

Corns are caused by friction and high-pressure buildup in a specific area of your foot.

Corns must be removed either by filing or using a scalpel blade to cut them out by a qualified podiatrist. This treatment is normally painless.

Once the corns are removed, we aim to reduce the pressure build-up in that area to either stop them returning altogether or stop them returning as quickly.

This is done using corns pads, offloading devices or insoles into your shoes with an offloading device added to it.



Callus is thickened skin on areas of the foot that are caused by friction from common issues such as poorly fitting footwear, an abnormal way of walking or a deformity to the feet.

Callus can be treated at home using a pumice stone or emery board. However, sometimes this may not be sufficient and a visit to your podiatrist may beneficial.

If left for too long, callus around the heels can start to form cracks and become even more painful.


Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are often the result of the skin on the heel becoming too hard, thick and dry to be able to move. The skin then cracks to allow the movement needed.

These cracks in the callus areas can become extremely painful and even bleed if they are very deep.

At Easy Feet Podiatry, we are able to treat these cracks by means of sharp debridement using a sterile scalpel. Once the cracks are removed, the skin is then filed to smooth.

After a treatment like this, your podiatrist will advise you to continue using at-home remedies such as a foot file or pumice stone regularly and also a urea-based foot cream to combat the build-up of hard skin.

At Easy Feet Podiatry, we recommend Flextiol Foot Cream. It is our go-to cream, and we love the results it gives after only a short while using it!


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