What is the difference between a chiropodist and podiatrist?

None at all, In the UK, podiatry is simply the new name for chiropody. The name changed to the internationally recognised name of podiatry in 1993. It is not just the name that has changed though. Podiatry is a constantly evolving profession. Podiatrists treat a vast array of foot and lower limb problems.

For more information go to www.podiatrypages.co.uk/faq.htm

Do I need to schedule an appointment?

Yes, we would normally be able to offer an appointment within a few days subject to your availability. 

I think I have an ingrowing toenail! What should i do?

Act quickly and see a Podiatrist as soon as possible. We can treat the pain by cutting the offending nail and save the toe from becoming infected. If caught early enough we can prevent any further treatment being necessary. We also offer Nail Surgery if necessary.

Can i get a Podiatrist to visit my home?

Yes, we offer home visits at a convenient time to suit patients who have reduced mobility or are unable to attend a clinical appointment.

Do you treat children?

Yes, as a podiatrist I treat children for a number of conditions including ingrown toenail issues and verrucae etc. 

I work and cannot come during the day, can I still be seen?

Most working patients attend after work. We offer evening appointments and Saturday morning appointments  Any treatment we carry out generally does not require a day off work but if it does require time off you would be advised in advance.